M.P. Snell's short stories have been published in various
literary magazines. (No Tokens, Best of Ducts, Nerve Cowboy, Specter.)

As an actress she can be heard on the Philips Classics
recording of "The Manson Family Opera," by John Moran, with Iggy Pop.

She frequently worked with Ridge Theater performing in Lincoln Center,
The Guggenheim, La Ma Ma and P.S. 122.

Her films have been shown at The Millennium, and have been included
in the Exit Art Super 8 Film Festival.

USA TODAY "Paige Snell is a chilling Susan Atkins."

NEW YORK TIMES "First rate."

N.Y. Newsday "Performs with a wired intensity."

CD Review "A passionate outburst."

Paige Snell/ Night Highway in John Moran's
The Manson Family Opera. Point Music/Philips Classics. Click Here
M. P. Snell

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