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M. P. Snell

"Planet of Blue and Green"
A debut novel By M.P. Snell

A woman lands in New York City entangling herself in a community of artists. Escaping into marriage and the suburbs, her demons continue to shape her experience. Running back to the city, she is finally slammed to a halt at her father's deathbed in New England. Full of complex and intriguing characters, narrated with fragility and humor, the debut novel Planet of Blue and Green exudes writing that rings true.

"Mesmerizing and deeply poetic, Snell has a truly original voice. This beautifully crafted tale about love and life and all the nuances in between, will haunt you long after you have read and reread its last pages."
    - Claire Bidwell Smith, author of "Rules of Inheritance" (soon to be made into a film staring Jennifer Lawrence.)

"Tough, poetic, and sometimes hallucinatory, Snell's writing is the literary equivalent of butterflies in the stomach...Snell has such honesty and humor, it's impossible not to fall in love with her voice."
    - Joy Nicholson, author of "Tribes of Palos Verdes" and "The Road to Esmeralda" (Filming of Tribes of Palos Verdes begins Feb. 2015 starring Jennifer Garner.)

T Kira Madden/ No Tokens Literary Magazine Founder and Editor: "More proof that M. P. Snell is THE writer to watch..."

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